Microtech 2011

Highly sensitive vascular endothelial growth factor biosensor based on poly-silicon-nanowire field-effect transistor

Y.C. Liu, J.T. Qiu, H.C. Chen, T.H. Lee, H.W. Yang, C.Y. Lin, M.C. Chen, H.Y. Chen, C.C. Huang, F.L. Yang, R.Y. Tsai, M.Y. Hua
Chang Gung University, TW

Keywords: magmatic nanoparticles, VEGF, poly-SiNW-FET, biosensor


In this study we developed a VEGF biosensor based on polycrystalline silicon nanowire field-effect transistor (poly-SiNW-FET) using Avastin as a marker. Succinic anhydride modified conducting polymer poly[aniline-co-N-(1-one-butyric acid) aniline] (SPAnH) was coated on the surface of magmatic nanoparticles Fe3O4 (MNPs) to form SPAnH/MNPs shell-core nanocarrier for Avastin. The distinction of source-drain currents at constant gate voltage 3 V between the blank solution and the solution containing 500 ng/mL VEGF was quite obvious. Furthermore, the linear detection range and limit of detection of VEGF biosensor based on poly-SiNW-FET were 1.25~2.5×10E4 pg/mL and 1.25 pg/mL, repsectively. This result is obviously advantageous for cancer detection and diagnosis.

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