Microtech 2011

Effects of Random Work Function Fluctuations in Nanoszied Metal Grains on Electrical Characteristic of 16 nm High-/Metal Gate Bulk FinFETs

H-W Cheng, Y-Y Chiu, Y. Li
National Chiao Tung University, TW

Keywords: high-k/metal gate, work function fluctuation, grain number and position effect, bulk FinFET, 3D device quantum transport simulation


High-/metal gate (HKMG) is one of key technologies for sub-45-nm generations in nano-CMOS era [1-2]. However, using HKMG may introduce random work functions (WKs) on device’s metal gate due to various metal grain orientations [3-5]. In this study, based on experimentally calibrated 3D device simulation [7], WK fluctuation (WKF) of 16 nm TiN/HfO2 gate stack bulk FinFET devices is investigated. The effect of individual WKF in nanosized grain of metal gate on device’s characteristic are captured using localized WKF simulation technique [1], where the random position and number of nanosized metal grains are for the first time modeled and examined. Physical findings on WKF of HKMG devices are discussed accordingly

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