Microtech 2011

Performance Study of Nitride-Based Gunn Diodes

G. Aloise, S. Vitanov, V. Palankovski
Advanced Material and Device Analysis Group, AT

Keywords: simulation, Gunn, nitride, diode


In this work, we assess the performance of InN Gunn diodes, as a superior alternative to GaN. We perform two-dimensional mixed-mode device/circuit simulation accounting for self-heating effects. We verify available theoretical results for GaN-based Gunn diodes. We use a proprietary hydrodynamic high-field mobility model, calibrated against Monte Carlo simulation data, which properly accounts for the NDM effects. Thus, a fundamental oscillation frequency of 70 GHz and an output power of 39 dBm is reached for a 3 um device, which is in agreement with previous results for the same setup. We study an InN Gunn diode with an active layer of 3 um length, connected to a LCR-Cavity, which we optimized. As a result, we obtain a fundamental oscillation frequency of 150 GHz.The corresponding calculated output power is 8 dBm. Although the predicted output power for the InN Gunn diode is lower than that expected for GaN devices, the former demonstrates a superior fundamental frequency due to the higher electron velocity. Compared to known GaAs devices, InN Gunn diode of the same size delivers roughly the same power at the fourfold frequency.

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