Microtech 2011

Amperometric glucose biosensor based on a neoteric mechanism in the determination of hydrogen peroxide

H.C. Chen, Y.C. Liu, R.Y. Tsai, M.Y. Hua
Chang Gung University, TW

Keywords: hydrogen peroxide, poly(N-butyl benzimidazole), enzyme-free glucose biosensor


A nanostructure of synthesized poly(N-butyl benzimidazole) (PBBI) modified gold electrode with a three-dimensional PBBI/Au electrode was developed in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and glucose biosensors. It was found that PBBI could be oxidized by H2O2 in the presence of acetic acid (AcOH), resulting in the reductive current increase. Based on these reactions, a high sensitivity and stability of enzyme-free H2O2 biosensor was constructed. Further, by the partial PBBI with positive charge, the glucose oxidase (GOD) was immobilized directly by electrostatic attraction. The non-destructive immobilized could maintain the bioactivity of enzyme and achieved the higher performance to glucose biosensor.

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