Microtech 2011

Charge Partition in Lateral Nonuniformly-Doped Transistor

J. Zhang, X. Zhou, G. Zhu and S. Lin
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Keywords: LDMOS, charge partition, charge model


In this work, we aim to model the LDMOS capacitance behavior of the core channel. In order to simplify the problem, the diffused doping profile in the core channel is approximated as a step profile. It can be demonstrated by simulation that the capacitance of the core channel with the step profile shows similar behaviors in the peaks. Based on the approximated step profile, a new physical charge partition method is derived and an explicit compact charge model that considers the nonuniform doping effect is formulated for the first time. The validity of the new partition scheme and the charge model is verified by comparison to the corresponding numerical simulation results. It is shown that the unusual peaks are captured nicely by the new LDMOS charge model.

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