Microtech 2011

Novel Plasmon Coupled Nanophotonic Devices and Sensors Based on Encapsulated 2-D Silver Nanoparticle arrays

Y. Tzeng, C-Y Liu, H.C. Chui, C. Huang, C-H Tu, G.W.L. Chen, S. Chen, K-C Liang, Y. Chu
National Cheng Kung University, TW

Keywords: plasmon, nanophotonics, nanoparticles, SERS, encapsulated


2-D silver nanoparticle arrays are encapsulated in transparent materials such as aluminum oxide, diamond, and graphene for applications to plasmonic coupling based optoelectronic devices and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) sensor for detection and identification of biomolecular and micro-nano structured objects and materials. Encapsulated silver nanoparticle arrays exhibit strong plasmon resonance effects while being isolated from harmful environments and provide durable and long-term repeatible performance. Self-assembled templates are applied to control the sizes and inter-distance of silver nanoparticles and make the mass production of developed devices and sensors economic and of high performance. In this presentation, fabrication processes, demonstrated applications and potentials of this class of novel nanostructured devices will be discussed.

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