Microtech 2011

Hot-Carrier-Induced Current Degradation in Deep Sub-Micron MOSFETs from Subthreshold to Strong Inversion Region

L. Shihuan
Nanyang Technology University, SG

Keywords: reliability, hot carrer


In the past decades, as predicted by the Moore’s law, the IC circuit density increases to reduce the cost per chip and to achieve better performance. With critical device dimensions scaling down, the electrical field increase due to device dimension scaling is much more aggressive than operation voltage scaling and reliability problems are becoming more and more important especially in recent years while the MOSFETs enter the nanoscale era. Hot-carrier injection (HCI) and Bias Temperature Instability (BTI) are two most important mechanisms in device performance degradation. For NMOS, the degradation caused by HCI is more severe than degradation caused by BTI. In this work, we only the performance degradation caused by HCI in NMOS.

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