Microtech 2011

SOFC/ZEBRA® hybrid system

M. Ferraro, G. Napoli, F. Sergi, G. Brunaccini, G. Dispenza, V. Antonucci
Institute of Advanced Technologies for Energy “Nicola Giordano” - National Council of Research, IT

Keywords: SOFC, ZEBRA, CHP, smart grid


The work was focused on the preliminary analysis, design and implementation of a hybrid system based on Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and ZEBRA® High Temperature Battery (HTB). A specific control algorithm was developed for utilizing the SOFC system as a base power source and ZEBRA® battery as a complementary source. The system takes into account the slow dynamics of SOFC technology and divides the required power through a control policy implemented by a dc/dc converter. The constant power ensures that the fuel cell is not stressed by repeated transients that could require more complex control algorithms to meet the time required to the transition from one operating temperature to another. The load-following is operated by the battery.

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