Microtech 2011

Design of a Fiber-based Luminescent Solar Concentrator Fabric

E. Banaei, A.F. Abouraddy
University of Central Florida, US

Keywords: luminescent solar concentrators, organic photovoltaics


With advances in organic luminescent materials and multi-material fiber production, fabrication of luminescent solar concentrators (LSC’s) in cylindrical geometry with the luminescent materials doping the fiber core appears feasible. In this work, we report on the design of a fiber-based LSC. We also present numerical optimization of the performance of such fiber-based luminescent solar concentrators (FLSC’s) over a wide range of parameters such as fiber structure, shape and dimensions, as well as potential luminescent materials properties and their concentration in the fiber. We also consider the properties of the active fiber dopants, finite self-absorption, and the effect of optical losses. As a first step towards fabrication of FLSCs, doping techniques are developed for the fiber cores. Results of this study show the possibility of fabricating FLSC’s with reasonably high efficiency and low cost. These all-polymer FLSC’s can be potentially light-weight and flexible devices suitable for new application areas where the existing technologies fail due to weight constraints and limitations on substrate flexibility.

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