Microtech 2011

A General Route to Inkjet Printing Robust Carbon Nanotube Patterns on Compliant and Non-Compliant Subtrates

A.R. Hopkins, K.C. Spurrell, D.C. Straw
The Aerospace Corporation, US

Keywords: Inkjet Priting, carbon nanotubes, circuits


We demonstrate here a simple, reliable method for forming uniform, robust carbon nanotube conductive array patterns deposited directly onto the surface of interest (both compliant and non-compliant) via an inkjet printing technique. Both carbon nanotube ink chemistry and the proper formulation are crucial for direct-write printing of nanotubes. Moreover, the correct surface chemistry of the self-assembled monolayers that assist the direct deposition of carbon nanotubes onto the substrate is equally important in order to preserve orientation of the printed carbon nanotubes. In this work, we report the successful formulation of two different single walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) inks which yielded a consistent, homogenous printing pattern.

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