Microtech 2011

Analytical Techniques for Characterizing Battery Materials

S. Patel, J. Newman, K. Putyera, I. Mowat
Evans Analytical Group, US

Keywords: characterization, analysis, surface, concentration


This talk will review the variety of different analytical techniques that are available across the industry. Besides commonly used techniques such as TEM, SEM and XRD, there are many other techniques that allow an understanding of the material microstructure and chemistry. Fluctuation of raw material grade that is used to manufacture the electrodes films (cathode or anode) can be monitored by techniques like HP-ICP-OES. Residue of the production process can effect performance of the lithium ion battery and we will show how GDMS (Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry) can be used to monitor impurities in raw materials with ppmwt detection limit for a wide range of elements. Analysis of material at different stages of the manufacturing process, allows the identification of unwanted impurities and the source of the impurity

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