Microtech 2011

3D Analytical Modeling of Triple-Gate MOSFET structures (invited presentation)

B. Iñiguez, R. Ritzenthaler, F. Lime
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, ES

Keywords: triple-gate MOSFETs, short-channel effects, 3D modeling, SOI MOSFETs


We present a core modeling scheme valid for most Triple-Gate MOSFET structures, such as PI-Gate MOSFETs, Omega-Gate MOSFETs, and FinFETs, and that can also extended to Double-Gate MOSFETs and Single-Gate SOI MOSFETs. The new modeling framework is based on an analytical solution of the 3D Poisson’s equation in subthreshold. The short-channel effects as well as the coupling between interfaces and gates are adequately included. Good agreement with experimental measurements and TCAD 3D simulations has been observed.

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