Microtech 2011

Novel Nanofiber Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) with coupled conductive particles for Ultra Fine Pitch Electronic Packaging Applications

K-L Suk, K.W. Paik

Keywords: nanofiber, ACF, fine pitch packaging, assembly


In this study, a novel concept of nanofiber ACFs with conductive particles coupled in a nanofiber structure is suggested for ultra fine pitch applications. It was clearly demonstrated that novel nanofiber ACFs effectively suppressed the free movement of conductive particles during ACF bonding process resulting in (1) good bump contact resistance by guaranteeing certain amount of conductive particles captured at a bump and (2) complete elimination of the electrical shortage problem of COF(Chip On Flex) packages at less than 20 micron pitch. Furthermore, the novel nanofiber ACFs represented an excellent example of how nanotechnologies can solve the problems of current electronic packaging technologies.

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