Microtech 2011

Compact Subthreshold Modeling of Rectangular Gate and Trigate MOSFETs (invited presentation)

T.A. Fjeldly, U. Monga
Norwegian University of Technology, NO

Keywords: multigate MOSFET, device modeling, drain current, capacitances


We have previously shown that the subthreshold potential distribution of DG and circular gate MOSFETs can be precisely modeled using conformal mapping techniques. Simpler, unified models suitable for circuit design can also be established for these devices as well as for other multigate MOSFETs such as square gate, rectangular gate, trigate, and FinFETs. This modeling is based on symmetry properties of the MugFET devices considered, on simplifying assumptions of the potential distribution in the directions perpendicular to the gates in the central regions of the devices, and on the potential distribution near source and drain (short-channel effects). To enhance the precision of the models, selected analytical results from the conformal mapping analysis are used as auxiliary boundary conditions for the Laplace equation. Here we consider specifically the modeling of the RecG MOSFET, whose results can also be applied to trigate structures, since the latter is a symmetric half of the former (neglecting fringing fields in trigate).

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