Microtech 2011

BRASH Engines

Location:CT, US
Speaker:Mike Brookman
Primary Industry:Energy & Efficiency
Executive Summary:Our fragile grid is stressed: old infrastructure, increased demand, NIMBY-blocked new capacity, wind and solar that\'s just too intermittent, and scaled storage that\'s too many years away. At BRASH, we think the answer is distributed power generation: home and business based combined heat and power(CHP)generation. BRASH is developing \"2KW in a Box\" for home CHP, and \"10KW on a Pallet\" for light industry, apartments and micro-grids. Both generate enough heat and electricity for reverse metering, and a lower combined utility bill. These two products replace current furnaces or boilers at a small premium, and use the current fuel source for a simple retrofit. The patented BRASH engine is very efficient and clean burning. Most heat is used for electrical power generation; the remaining waste heat is used for room and water heating. The cycle may be tuned to increase the heating component in winter. We seek investors, utilities and HVAC equipment suppliers as partners in this development. Power demand continues to grow worldwide, and large market segments will continue to value reliability over cost. BRASH provides that reliability, at a lower cost than the status quo.
Venture is:Seed Level


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