Microtech 2011

Electric Pipeline Corporation

Location:MA, US
Speaker:Roger Faulkner
Title:Enabling Technology for DC Power Transmission
Primary Industry:Electrical Power Transmission
Executive Summary:EPC has two patent pending technologies related to DC power transmission. The long term vision is to enable high capacity long distance power transmission via elpipes (polymer insulated segmental conductors). Elpipes also have applications for relatively short segments of otherwise overhead power lines. The other more recent invention is the \"ballistic DC circuit breaker,\" which has an immediate application on board ships, at medium voltage (500 to 10,000 volts). This circuit breaker is potentially and eventually applicable to HVDC power transmission (300-800kV), but unlike elpipes, the circuit breakers have a short-term market potential. We intend to create a severable division of EPC to focus on the circuit breaker application, and use the circuit breaker development to bootstrap the funding needs for elpipes. The division would be sold off after products are developed.
Venture is:A-Round


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