Microtech 2011


Location:Texas, US
Speaker:David Mather
Title:President and COO
Primary Industry:Other Alternative Energy
Executive Summary:MTPV, LLC creates Semiconductor chips that convert heat directly into electricity. Much like a solar panel will convert sunlight into electricity, we are able to convert any source of heat into electricity with several significant advantages over existing solutions. By using Micron-gap ThermalPhotoVoltaics (MTPV) we are able to create 10x to 50x more power, using no moving parts, and 45 % less heat then competitive technologies. These advantages open the door for chip based solutions that were previously unobtainable. Our technology has been developed over the past 15 years beginning at MIT and Draper Laboratory and for the last 5 years in the labs of MTPV, LLC. During these efforts over $10M has been invested in research and development and 3 patents have been awarded with 6 pending award. We are currently in our Beta testing process with our initial beta customer St. Gobain, a global multi-billion dollar industrial company and expect to begin commercial sales late 2011. We have defined a road map of enhancements that will take us from the our market entrance of 1 watts/cm2 to 50 watts/cm2 to address a market opportunity between $75B-$600B.
Venture is:B-Round


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