Microtech 2011

Solution Dynamics

Location:CO, US
Primary Industry:Rooftop unit, HVAC, Air conditioning, Refrigerant, Heat recovery, Demand control, Thermal storage, Efficiency, Commercial, Heat pump
Executive Summary:Packaged rooftop air conditioning units are the most common type of HVAC units utilized today in commercial and industrial sectors. These systems are inefficient and prone to failure. Our system centralizes the refrigeration task to deliver energy savings of 50% or more with added thermal storage, and heat recovery capabilities. The Central DX system by Solution Dynamics is a new and innovative approach to energy efficiency in the packaged rooftop unit (RTU) market. This Patent Pending retrofit system involves the installation of a high efficiency centralized refrigeration system for facilities having multiple Heating and Cooling RTU’s. The conversion of standalone RTU’s to a central system can have increased reliability, and significant environmental benefits at a quick financial return on investment. The basic concept is simple; feed liquid refrigerant to packaged roof top units and pull the refrigerant gas back to a highly efficient centralized refrigeration system. This enables operation at roughly 50% less energy, via a reliable and efficient industrial style compressor room design.
Venture is:A-Round


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