Microtech 2011

AgroSci Inc.

Location:NY, US
Speaker:Chris Pianta
Primary Industry:Water
Executive Summary:AgroSci has developed a revolutionary soil based growing method that produces high crop yields, while reducing water usage and labor. Our system can be used with fresh, brackish and salt water irrigation, allowing farmers in the emerging world to cost effectively grow crops in arid regions. Using our solar powered SelfWTR system (Soil Evaporative Lift Format With Temperature Regulation) allows us to put water into plant root zones 10X more efficiently than other irrigation methods can. Our technology works with the plants and sun, delivering moisture, heat and air precisely as the plant requires it. We eliminate the need for electronic monitoring equipment/computers, reducing labor and operating expenses. Traditional watering methods compact soil, reduce oxygen levels and require costly mechanical turning of the soil to return it to the correct density levels. SelfWTR improves soil by moving moisture through the soil particles in a vapor format which does not compact soil and cause the anaerobic conditions that lead to disease and spoil crops. Our team has extensive entrepreneurial and product introduction experience in the agriculture industry.
Venture is:A-Round


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