Microtech 2011

Progen Energy, LLC

Location:TX, US
Speaker:Sam Telleen
Title:Business Development Manager
Primary Industry:Energy & Efficiency
Executive Summary:Progen Energy is a web application developer that licenses marketing applications to alternative energy providers. Our clients recognize the growing consumer demand for energy efficiency and renewable energy. In spite of the demand, energy remains a confusing topic for most consumers. Progen addresses this problem with our customizable, interactive applications designed to educate consumers and promote the sale of energy products and services. Our applications provide honest value propositions to the consumer through financial and environmental analyses. While our competitors offer rigorous technical applications for energy professionals, Progen’s applications appeal to the broader consumer market. Our clients avoid expensive custom development costs by licensing our applications for low monthly fees. Progen helps our clients increase sales, save time and save money. Progen’s client market covers a broad range of companies that provide energy products and services to consumers. Our management team has expertise in core business areas including energy technology, management and web development. We are looking for partners and seed level funding to help us develop our applications for licensing to clients. We believe that Progen’s applications will be important drivers in future growth of the alternative energy sector.
Venture is:Seed Level


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