Microtech 2011

BioDiesel Reactor Technologies Inc

Location:Ontario, CA
Speaker:Ken Lawless
Primary Industry:Biofuels (Biodiesel)
Executive Summary:BioDiesel Reactor Technologies Inc. (BDR) is a clean energy technology company that provides innovative capital efficient process solutions to the multi-billion dollar global biodiesel industry. We are a technology provider with a propriety membrane reactor system that produces high quality biodiesel that surpasses industry quality specifications and provides significant capital, operating and input cost savings to our customers. Our technology provides biodiesel producers with: a cost-effective solution to address the fuel filter plugging quality issues of biodiesel-diesel blends; improved processing margins; and the ability to reduce input costs by utilizing low cost-FFA (free fatty acid) waste oils and next generation feedstocks (e.g. algae) without costly pre-treatment for FFAs or distillation of the final product. Our technology is compatible with existing conventional plant technologies and can be used for: (1) new plants; or (2) to retrofit existing plants to make them compliant with new proposed standards. BDR is seeking $7-10M in a Series “A” round with 3-4 strategic investors. This investment will be combined with $6M of non-dilutive government funding to support pilot plant construction, working capital and market penetration.
Venture is:A-Round


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