Microtech 2011

Energy Compression Inc.

Location:MA, US
Speaker:Havel Timothy F.
Title:CTO & Founder
Primary Industry:Energy Storage
Executive Summary:Energy Compression is a two-year-old technology startup directed at commercializing a novel form of energy storage, called Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (AE-CAES). The adsorption of air on nano-structured zeolite minerals at deep-freeze temperatures allows air to be stored with a density equivalent to 100 atmospheres using just one fifth that pressure. The compressed air can be released by raising the zeolite’s temperature, and used to power machinery or an electrical generator while at the same time the cold stored in the zeolite is used for cooling. Energy Compression’s value proposition applies to industrial facilities that: • collectively spend $5B a year in the USA on the electricity to run air compressors; • spend another $10B or so on electricity for A/C, process cooling or refrigeration; • produce substantial quantities of waste heat at modest temperatures (~212°F); • reduce their electricity expense through a “demand response” program (DRP). Publicly available data indicate that the US “industrial pneumatics” market is about $1B in size. The design and assembly of a bench-scale prototype can be done in 6 months and for $100,000. With additional funding, field-scale prototypes could be demonstrated within two years, and a product marketed within three.
Venture is:Seed Level


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