Microtech 2011

Advanced Biomimetic Sensors

Location:MD, US
Speaker:Ellen Chen
Primary Industry:Sensors & Microsystems
Executive Summary:ABS is a woman-owned small business, pioneering in the nano-biomimetic reagent-free platform technology that fundamentally transforms the energy, biosensor and medical device industries by focusing on the cutting-edge innovation nano-biomimetic membrane technology in designing and producing of high performance products that are environmentally safe. ABS’s story had published in Washington Post in 2010. ABS was the finalist in the America Security Challenge National Competition in 2010; ABS’s nano biomimetic platform technology has been recognized by US Army, Google, Frost & Sullivan and foreign country. ABS developed prototype Battcells demonstrated a magnitude higher power and energy density compared with fuel cells and batteries based on our dual function battery/fuel cell (Battcell) technology: >90% energy efficiency; featuring of electrolyte-free, no CO2 emission, air-independent, 12 hrs long time discharge, 100-fold lighter weight and smaller size and superior environmental safety. We plan to raise $1M in 2011, projected revenue is $4.5M by 2013 through partnership (Raytheon, RPM): Energy Density> 25kWhr/kg;Power Density >2.0kW/kg;Charging/discharging Efficiency>90%; Cost<$9/kWhr;Charge/recharge cycles> 10K; Wide Operating Temp Range -20ºC to 55ºC; Wide Relative Humidity Up to 85C/85RH
Venture is:Seed Level


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