Microtech 2011

May-Ruben Technologies, Inc.

Location:Alberta, CA
Speaker:Peter Ruben
Primary Industry:Renewable Thermal Energy and Water Distillation/desalination
Executive Summary:For the last 100 years, there have been only two technologies for turning thermal energy directly into cooling – absorption chillers and steam ejectors. Absorption chillers, an $8 billion per year market, represent an antiquated technology with severe operating limitations. Steam ejectors don’t have these limitations but are so thermally inefficient they are not practical. MRT is a technology incubation company that is developing an efficient new class of ejector refrigeration, known as Binary Fluid Ejector. BFE will be smaller, cheaper, and without the severe limitations. BFE will harness the vast amount of waste heat and solar thermal energy to do useful work such as industrial process chilling, space cooling, or, importantly, allow Vapor Compression systems to become the cheapest way to distill water. Waste heat from power stations can be used to economically desalinate seawater. Field gas can supply the energy to distill and remediate the process affected water of shale gas or coal bed methane production. Solar air conditioning can be economically viable. MRT has won a grant for $540,000, has assembled a world class research team, and commenced design and development of a prototype.
Venture is:Seed Level


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