Microtech 2011


Location:PA, US
Primary Industry:Sensors & Microsystems
Executive Summary:nanoLambda Inc. is developing spectrumsensor™, the world’s smallest spectrometer-on-a-chip, and recently demonstrated the prototypes at the CES2011 to potential customers and development partners, planning to release engineering samples within a year. Unlike expensive and bulky conventional solutions, nanoLambda’s novel nanotechnology and intelligent software allows the optical spectrometer (equipment) to become an embedded component, in an ultra-compact configuration (smaller than 5x5x2 mm) at a very low cost, affordable for personal everyday applications. The spectrumsensor™ can be used for bio-chemical detection and wearable health monitoring, as well as accurate color and light measurement of consumer electronics devices. Examples include camera, TV or LED lightings to enable accurate and consistent colors across devices and applications. As a key component to these markets, it is anticipated that the total addressable market for the spectrometer-on-a-chip will be over $1 billion in 2015. nanoLambda was founded in 2005 and has been funded (grants & convertible) by NSF, The Technology Collaborative, InnovationWorks, Pittsburgh Life Science Greenhouse, and Pennsylvania NanoCenter. nanoLambda has also received grants from Korean government for international joint development projects, together with key partners and customers, and opened Korea office for mass production and joint application development.
Venture is:A-Round


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