Microtech 2011

IL Fuels, LLC

Location:PA, US
Speaker:Paul Painter
Primary Industry:Both Advanced Materials/Chemicals and Traditional Energy
Executive Summary:The company was established with the goal of developing a technology that can separate oil or bitumen from oil or tar sand deposits (or contaminated beach sand) using far less energy and water than current methods. Both the bitumen and residual sand are obtained in a clean form. Extraction yields are close to 100%. Both the ionic liquids and small amounts of water used in the process are recycled through a closed system. The technology is based on discoveries made over the past 18 months and IL Fuels LLC was established by Paul Painter and Bruce Miller to exploit the discoveries. Both Painter and Miller have extensive experience in traditional energy, particularly coal. The technology has recently been scaled up from the laboratory scale to a demonstration unit that can separate kilogram quantities of materials. Because the tar sands industry is huge, requiring billion dollar investments, our plan is to form development/licensing partnerships with interested parties in order to translate the intellectual property to an industrial scale.
Venture is:Seed Level


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