Microtech 2011

Rolith, Inc.

Location:CA, US
Speaker:Boris Kobrin
Primary Industry:Solar Power
Executive Summary:Rolith, Inc. is developing an advanced nanostructured coatings and devices for renewable energy and green buildings markets. Our proprietary nanofabrication technology - \"Rolling Mask\" nanolithography - will allow scaling nanostructures found in nature (Lotus leaves, Moth eyes, etc.) in a fast and cost effective way. Subwavelength (nanostructured) anti-reflective coatings are a single layer multi-wavelength devices with wider incidence angles capabilities; anti-reflection properties can be also combined with self-cleaning effect. Nanostructured light absorption layers (plasmonic structures) will allow significantly improve efficiency of thin film solar cells. Rolith\'s high throughput fabrication technology promises to deliver these coatings at costs below $2/m2. Partnerships with leading equipment manufacturer and leading glass producer allows Rolith to streamline commercialization efforts. Rolith will develop nanostructured coatings/devices, support customers needs in specialized masks for production of such coatings, and perform nanofabrication foundry services. Some applications will be licensed to high-volume manufacturers, others will be produced in house. Rolith received a seed investment in Q3 2010 in the amount of $350k from commercialization partner for developing a prototype of \"Rolling Mask\" nanolithography system. Currently we are raising the first round in the amount of $3M by Q2 2011 for development and demonstration of scalable nanostructured glass coatings.
Venture is:A-Round


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