Microtech 2011

High-aspect-ratio deep Si etching of micro/nano scale features with SF6 /H2/ O2 plasma, in a low plasma density reactive ion etching system

Z. Sanaee, M. Poudineh, M. Mehran, S. Mohajerzadeh
University of Tehran, IR

Keywords: deep etching, silicon, hydrogen, nanoscale, etch-rate


In this paper we report a novel low plasma power reactive ion etching technique to achieve high rate, high aspect ratio features on silicon. The etching process is achieved using a sequential passivation and etching sub-cycles where three gases of hydrogen-oxygen and SF6 are used in a highly programmable fashion. By properly adjusting the etching parameters as time, power, gas flow and the pressure of the reactor, we have been able to realize features with aspect ratios of the order of 40-50, height up to 30um and features below 300nm. The etch rate has been between 0.25 to 1.5um/min. For features of the order of 300nm, we have achieved a high rate of 0.5 um/min, as a record value. We speculate to to arrive at ultra high rates of 2um/min for deep submicrometer features.

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