Microtech 2011

A Novel Silicon-based Wideband Nano Switch for RF Applications

Y.X. Yang, R. Ramer
University of New South Wales (UNSW), AU

Keywords: RF NEMS, cantilever beams, EBL, silicon, CMOS monolithic integration, surface micromachining


This paper presents, for the first time, a silicon-based wideband RF nano switch with simulation fabrication measurement and analysis. Port-to-port simulation results of the RF nano switch indicate that the designed switch has a potential to achieve good RF performance during nano scale devices integration. The nano switch is fabricated on a tri-layer high resistivity <100> silicon substrate using surface micromachining approach. This can lead to a high potential of integrating RF nano switch with CMOS circuits to perform a cost effective system-on-a-chip solution. Electron beam lithography is adopted to define layer structure. An IC compatible metal deposition process is used in fabrication. Proximity effect is optimized by dose-shape correction method. Fabrication process and SEM picture of the fabricated switch are illustrated in the paper. Measurement results for open switch indicate that the fabricated switch exhibit a satisfactory isolation. Finally, the possible causes of signal loss during measurement and future work for improvements are analyzed.

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