Microtech 2011

Quantum Electromechanichal oscillations and Current Enhancement by Compression of Buckled Carbon Nanotube Bundle

L.T. Singh
Indian Institute of Science, IN

Keywords: carbon nanotube, band gap, conductance, quantum electromechanical oscillation, Raman spectroscopy


We report on the synthesis of semiconducting multiwalled buckled CNTs and the current (I) - voltage (V) characteristics of CNT bundles by applying compressive strain. Millimeter long buckled CNTs are synthesized by co-pyrolysis of benzene and THF with ferrocene as a source of catalyst. Interestingly, it has been shown that the current through CNTs increases with compression and quantum electromechanical oscillations are observed in the I-V curve. Overall, the current through CNT bundles can be controlled by compressing or releasing them reversibly.

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