Microtech 2011

Medical Implant Devices, MEMS and Quality of Life: Lessons from Cardiovascular Devices: Stents, VADs and the Total Artificial Heart (invited presentation)

M. Slepian
Syncardia Systems, US

Keywords: MEMS


Medical implant devices and systems are increasingly being utilized for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. At present a broad range of devices are in use, implanted in many organ systems. Devices are divided between being passive systems or systems with dynamic activity. Despite the sophistication of many of these devices they would be improved if greater sensing and effector capabilities could be imparted to these systems. In this presentation implant systems in general will be discussed as to their present and future state. Areas of potential improvement of device capabilities will be highlighted, with emphasis on the potential role of MEMS technology to expand functionality and intelligence. An expanded discussion, in particular, will center around cardiovascular disease and cardiac implant systems. Three examples of emerging implant systems, involving work from our group, will be discussed in detail, i.e. 1. stents, 2. ventricular assist devices (VADs) and 3. the total artificial heart. The history, present and future status of these devices will be reviewed. Unmet needs that exist with these systems and the potential for MEMS to enhance device function leading to improved quality of life for patients will be discussed.

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