Microtech 2011

Photon-Induced Biomolecular Sensing and Processing: Towards Engineering, Science and Medical Applications

S.E. Lyshevski
Rochester Institute of Technology, US

Keywords: photonics, biomolecular sensing, processing


This paper discusses and researches photon-induced sensing and processing exhibited by various vertebrates and invertebrates. In particular, rhodopsin photon receptor functionality and energetics are examined by applying quantum mechanics. We focus on fundamentals in order to coherently study mechanisms, processes and transitions in biomolecules. This will allow one to apply and utilize biophysics to various engineered devices and systems. Our goal is to qualitatively and quantitatively study of bioenergetics, transitions exhibited by biomolecules and other phenomena in order to coherently evaluate device- and system-level functionality and capabilities. The solution of the aforementioned problems will advance knowledge and technological abilities.

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