Microtech 2011

New developments in inkjet of deposits carried out under localised extraction or helium

V. Conedera, F. Mesnilgrente, P. Fadel, N. Fabre

Keywords: inkjet, helium flow, best resolution, local extraction


In inkjet, inks used are based on aqueous or organic solvents. Solvents with low boiling point present the drawback of drying quickly and then we can observe the clogging of the orifices of ink jet heads. The use of solvents with high boiling point (above 150 ° C) severely limits this phenomenon; however, it is necessary to heat the substrate at high temperature to facilitate evaporation. This high temperature can sometimes be an issue especially when working with organics and biological applications. We present the results obtained with three new devices (two patents pending) that allow a reduction of the substrate temperature while improving resolution. 1st device has a localized aspiration. Second one has a localized injection of helium; and the third one presents a localized injection of helium through a venturi system. We observe that the last device permits to obtain the same jetting resolution (See fig1) as the second system with a faster drops speed and without increasing their diameter as it is proposed in the literature.

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