Microtech 2011

Towards a Scalable EKV Compact Model Including Ballistic and Quasi-Ballistic Transport (invited presentation)

C.C. Enz, A. Mangla, J.-M. Sallese

Keywords: MOSFET, ballistic, quasi-ballistic


As the dimensions of silicon MOSFET are scaled down to tens of nanometers, the channel length approaches the carrier mean free path and the transport is no longer purely diffusive. Quasi-ballistic and ballistic transport start to emerge and the carrier mobility concept can no longer be used to explain the electronic transport in such modern devices. New compact models are therefore required that at the same time capture such new physical phenomena and ensure a correct and continuous transition from the classical drift-diffusion model to the ballistic regime using a unified formalism. Recent work was mostly focused on devices with ballistic and quasi-ballistic transport without consideration on having a scalable compact model that would be valid not only for minimum length devices but would also include drift-diffusion occurring with non-minimum length devices. Only a few papers have tried to come up with a scalable model valid in all regime of bias and over a wide range of channel length. This paper first presents an overview of ballistic and quasi-ballistic models highlighting their basic limitations in terms of scalability. It then defines the requirements for a proper asymptotic behavior in all regimes of operation from ballistic or quasi-ballistic to weak inversion and strong inversion. It then presents an attempt to extend the existing EKV formulation to include the ballistic and quasi-ballistic transport keeping the original feature of the compact model.

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