Microtech 2011

Hot spots active-cooling micro-channel heat sink device, using electro-osmotic flow

M.F. Al-Rjoub, A.K. Roy, S. Ganguli, R.K. Banerjee
University of cincinnati, US

Keywords: electro-osmotic flow, micro-scale heat exchanger, constant heat flux, hot spot cooling


In this pilot study a micro-scale heat exchanger/ spreader was designed and tested. This device is dedicated for the thermal management of microchip hot spots. The basic design consisted of an array of microchannels etched in a silicon substrate. Fluid flow through the microchannels carries heat generated by the hot spots. Electro-osmotic flow principle was used to drive the flow through the microchannels. Cooling fluid temperature and the hot spots temperature were measured. The effect of joule heating was investigated. Variations of the heat transfer coefficient along the channels were measured and plotted. Implementing this kind of devices into microchip cooling systems can increase the uniformity of temperatures on the microchip surface. Spreading the heat from the hot spots to the other les temperature areas can help keeping the devices in the recommended operational temperature range.

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