Microtech 2011

An Online Mems Design Tool That Lays Out and Simulates a Parameterized Array from a Reference Device

P. Marepalli, J.V. Clark
Purdue University, US

Keywords: MEMS, Sugar, SugarCube, layout generator


We present an online MEMS design tool that lays out and simulates a parameterized array from a reference device. These automated features are implemented in our tool called SugarCube, which is readily available on nanoHUB.org. The reference device can be selected from a library of ready-made systems, or an arbitrary device can be imported from Sugar. Various parameters of the device may be modified or swept over a desired range using sliders. One- or two-dimensional layout arrays may be automatically grounded to a common tracer and bonding pad. The layout is in GDS-II format and currently adheres to PolyMUMPsor SOIMUMPs multi-layer design rules. Static, model, or transient analysis of the array of devices results in a plot manifold.Such automated features are expected to reduce the time that many designers might otherwise spend on manually laying out parameterized arrays of MEMS. In extreme cases, such time can be reduced from days to minutes.

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