Microtech 2011

C-V Data and Geometry Parameters of Self-Assembled INAS/GAAS Quantum Rings

I. Filikhin, V.M. Suslov, B. Vlahovic
North Carolina Central University, US

Keywords: quantum rings, single electron state, capacitance-gate-voltage


In present work we focus on these problems and on the interpretation of the recent CV data given in W. Lei, C. Notthoff, A. Lorke, D. Reuter and A. D. Wieck (Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 033111 (2010). We show that a variant of oscillator model used in this paper does not resolve known problem of the c-v measurements: the derived value of the energy-gate-voltage conversion coefficient (f=2) is in a disagreement with that obtained from CV experiments (f=8).

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