Microtech 2011

Frequency-selective rotation of magnetic nanoactuators for rapid and sensitive solution-based detection of biomolecules

A. Ranzoni, G. Sabatte, J.H.B. Schleipen, L.J. van I.Jzendoorn, M.W.J. Prins
Philips Research, NL

Keywords: nagnetic nanoparticle, rotation, optical scattering, cluster


We describe an optomagnetic bionanotechnology for rapid and sensitive solution-based detection of biomolecules. Nanoactuators made from bio-active magnetic nanoparticles undergo rotational motion in the volume of a fluid under frequency-controlled magnetic actuation. The nanoactuators show a time-dependent cross-section to an incoming light beam. We demonstrate that the scattered light signal relates to the number, the size and the magnetic properties of the nanoparticle clusters. We demonstrate rapid and sensitive cluster assays with sub-picomolar detection limit for bBSA, in buffer and in undiluted human plasma, in a total assay time of less than 3 minutes and a sample volume of less than 10 ul. References Ranzoni et al., ‘Magnetically controlled rotation and torque of uniaxial microactuators for lab-on-a-chip applications’, Lab Chip 10, 179-88 (2010). Ranzoni et al., ‘Frequency-selective rotation of two-particle nanoactuators for rapid and sensitive detection of biomolecules’, accepted for publication in Nano Letters.

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