Microtech 2011

Integration Strategies for Magnetic Microsystems (invited presentation)

D. Harris
Advanced MicroSensors, Inc., US

Keywords: MEMS


Embracing the complete system design allows you to optimize the tradeoffs and eliminates the barriers to commercialization. Managing the device / sensor, device packaging, integrated ASIC design, and system level assembly, packaging and test for MEMS, Magnetics and Microsystems is yields total program efficiency. This discussion highlights two examples that exemplify the necessity for this methodology direction. 1. Magnetic Tape Head Module. The process today has evolved that tape heads are no longer a discrete component; they are part of the complete system as a module requiring the interface, packaging, assembly, and test as the end product. 2. Single Monolithic Audio Chip. Incorporating the MEMS device, ASIC and Magnetic Sensor fabricated on a single substraight monolithically, yields a significant COG advantage; major form factor advantage, while allowing this device to serve many new potential markets not realized with a discrete solution based on size. These emerging practices promotes optimal device and system level performance, minimized total COG product cost, high system yield, and significant time to market advantages.

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