Microtech 2011

Co-design of Heterogeneous Microsystems (invited presentation)

M.A. Maher

Keywords: MEMS


New packaging techniques such as 3D integration and flexible substrates are enabling the combination of heterogeneous fabrication processes to create systems including multiple sensors/actuators, analog and digital circuitry, micro-controllers and power sources. The advantages of these new techniques are that customized fabrication processes may be used for the various components and the results combined in a small package footprint. A major challenge however, is the analysis of the new packages and the 3D mechanical, thermal and electrical interactions between the package and the individual components. Many of the delays in bringing these systems to market stem from errors made in this integration phase. New co-design tools enable designers to incorporate the analysis of packaging effects into the component designs and to collaborate with package designers to optimize the entire system and trade-off requirements. As a result, co-design reduces time to market for new products and increases system performance. This talk discusses the modeling of important 3D packaging effects and the co-design of systems containing heterogeneous components.

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