Microtech 2011

Motivations for a common MEMS test methodology (invited presentation)

D. Feuerstein
SemiProbe, Inc., US

Keywords: MEMS


While MEMS production followed in the footsteps of the IC industry often using similar methods and equipment, maturation of the MEMS product market has demanded improved efficiencies. With the cost of test and packaging consuming as much as 70% of total device cost, new strategies are needed to lower the cost of test. In addition, many 3D packaging strategies are including the MEMS device and the control ASIC in the same package necessitating that KGD be used. For the MEMS market to continue to enjoy accelerated growth, a new strategy is required to increase the quality and reliability of the product while reducing the cost of test. Industry groups are already attempting to establish common MEMS test methodology and test criteria. No longer will the “big iron” ATE platforms that have dominated the IC industry prove cost efficient for testing MEMS devices and systems. Shorter design cycles, lower cost of test, and standardize test criteria are required so that users can evaluate and compare competing technologies and products. A new paradigm is required to ensure uniform device operating characteristics. Specific strategies employed by successful MEMS companies will be presented in detail.

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