Microtech 2011

Making a MEMs Mass Flow Controller for Portable Analytics (invited presentation)

R. Meisinger, B. Kinkade
Leister Technologies LLC, US

Keywords: MEMS


There is an increasing need for portable and networks of distributed analyzers to monitor natural (and man-made) disasters, environmental impacts, and industrial processes. These sensitive detection systems require stable flow control that is small, light and energy efficient. To make a MEMS-based mass flow controller for portable analytics, Leister had to address several design issues. We needed to design a highly compact flow-through-channel to cover a broad flow range. The mechanical design of the PCB and flow channel was critical to measurement stability over lifetime and across the operating temperature range. Creating a digital linear temperature-compensated output involved both instrumentation electronics and an automated calibration system. PID control optimization for various valve types completed the design. Leister’s modular mechanical/flow design supports the various demands of OEM customers. The result, a mass flow controller appropriate for next generation analytical platforms.

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