Microtech 2011

Pixtronix DMS™ MEMS Technology for Broad Spectrum of Display System Applications (invited presentation)

R. Payne, J. Gandhi, T. Brosnihan, L. Steyn, J. Wu, J. DeRoo, S. Lewis, G. Fike, M. Halfman, N. Hagood
Pixtronix, Inc., US

Keywords: MEMS


Pixtronix DMS™ Technology is a MEMS-on-glass display technology designed to be made using existing TFT LCD fabrication facilities. Designed for multimedia devices such as smart phones, tablets and notebook PCs, DMS Technology achieves full-color video capable displays with less than half of the power of LCD or OLED displays at comparable brightness and resolution. DMS™ Technology leverages MEMS shutters that are fast enough to allow a Field Sequential Color (FSC) system architecture for full-color full-speed video applications. The digital nature of the shutter operated in FSC further enables a single display to be operated in multiple modes of operation, which further optimize image quality and power consumption (Application Agility). Operating modes range from e-reader to web browsing to 24-bit wide color-gamut full-speed video; all configured purely by software. A typical DMS™ MEMS display module is laminated similarly to LCD displays. The backplane processes allow fabrication of bonding pads for single crystal chips providing control logic and power management as well as flex-circuit attachment for smart system functionality for consumer electronic systems. Major LCD display manufacturers Chimei Innolux (Taiwan) and Hitachi Displays (Japan) have announced successful joint development activities with Pixtronix.

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