Microtech 2011

MEMS sensors enable high-performance devices and unique system-level applications (invited presentation)

A. Oja
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI

Keywords: MEMS, sensors


MEMS sensors provide significant advantages at several levels of value creation. MEMS solutions enable high-performance devices at a low cost, savings in the assembly and integration of the final product, and unique system-level applications and services. A good example is the rapidly increasing market for MEMS microphones. Although the price of the MEMS component is higher than that of the traditional electret microphone, the fact that MEMS technology is compatible with the standard surface mounting assembly technology gives overall savings from the product point of view. The end user enjoys the higher performance of MEMS microphones. Cancellation of the background noise during a phone discussion, or listening to music in a noisy environment, are fitting use cases for MEMS microphones. Inertial sensors have already established themselves in user interfaces of several popular devices. The number of applications and services enabled by MEMS inertial sensors will further increase with the evolution and wider adoption of application specific interfaces for MEMS inertial sensors. Growing application areas include consumer healthcare, sport and fitness, and wearable electronics.

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