Microtech 2011

Reliability Analysis of Low Temperature Low Pressure Ag-Sinter Die Attach

R. Mrossko, H. Oppermann, B. Wunderle, T. Winkler, B. Michel
Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH, DE

Keywords: sinter-Ag, low temperature sintering, reliability, die-attach


The amount of heat which has to be dissipated from power electronics and microprocessors increases more and more due the ongoing miniaturization. Therefore new interface materials with high electrical and thermal conductivity have to be developed. Silver is one of a few materials which can fulfill these demands. New low temperature, low pressure Ag-sintering technologies allow the usage of silver as die-attach material instead of solder or glue. Even though silver has excellent thermal and electrical properties, thermo-mechanical reliability aspects have to be analyzed before bringing the new technologies into application. In this paper the thermo-mechanical reliability of chip-on-board (COB) assemblies for power applications are studied by experiment and simulation. The main focus is set on the low cycle fatigue failure behavior of the die-attach material under thermal cycling conditions. A combined simulative experimental approach is applied to develop a failure model of the new material.

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