Microtech 2011

System for Measuring Drop Volume and Consistency in Lab-on-Chip Applications

Y. Kipman, P. Mehta
ImageXpert Inc., US

Keywords: microfluidics, droplet volume, in-channel measurement, lab-on-chip


A machine vision based system has been developed for measuring in-channel characteristics of droplets for lab-on-chip microfluidic applications. The small, fully integrated system can be used in R&D and in production and combines a high-powered LED strobe and strobe control electronics, a digital camera, and specialized optics. ImageXpert software provides a flexible platform for analyzing the volume of individual droplets, and for assessing droplet consistency by collecting and reporting the statistics of the droplet population in-channel (the instantaneous population being defined by flow rate, droplet size and camera field of view), or populations of droplets over time. This paper will give an overview of the ImageXpert system, and will include examples for measurement of in-channel droplet volume for lab-on-chip microfluidic applications.

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