Microtech 2011

In-Situ Observation of Lithiation and Delithiation in Nanostructured Materials

R.S. Yassar, H.M.S. Ghassemi, Q. Gao, M. Au, P. Heiden
Michigan Technological University, US

Keywords: Li-ion battery, anode materials


Si and TiO2 nanotubes are promising materials for Lithium-ion batteries. This report focuses on the in-situ observation of lithiation and delithiation in these nanotubes. The electrochemical testing of the nanotubes were conducted inside a transmission electron microscope equipped with a novel in-situ scanning tunneling (STM) holder. Ionic liquids (ILs) were entered into the chamber of TEM successfully allowing the electrochemical reactions to be observed in real time. The intercalation of amorphous Si, crystalline anatase, and amorphous TiO2 was studied and their fracture events were monitored.

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