Microtech 2011

Label free monitoring of a live single cell using novel scanning probe convergence technology

G.-E. Jung, M.H. Choi, Y.S. Cho, S.-J. Cho
Park Systems, KR

Keywords: live single cell, SPM, AFM, SICM


The separated z-scanner also provides an excellent platform for developing other scanning probe microscope techniques such as Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopes (NSOM), Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, and Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopes (SICM). The glass micropipette which is used as the sensitive probe, instead of silicon based stylus, in SICM can glide over live cells while maintaining an absolute non-contact imaging mode, and by using electrochemical current feedback system it can to further enhance the biological sample images. However, the environmental control such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and pH, is essential for live cell experiments. Moreover, the contamination issue should be dealt seriously during scanning probe imaging. We have successfully imaged and compared live cells and fixed cells with environmental control using both SICM and AFM modules at the same sample location. The membrane alteration due to the treatment of fluorescence dye was also inspected. These advances in instrumentation will be utilized in various biomedical researches and become a new driving force for NanoBio Science.

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