Microtech 2011

Sensor Fusion Solution with MEMS Sensors

J. Esfandyari
STMicroelectronics, US

Keywords: MEMS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, electronic compass, sensor fusion


MEMS sensors include accelerometers that can measure linear acceleration and earth gravity vector, gyroscopes that can measure angular velocity, magnetometers that can measure earth magnetic field for heading determination and pressure sensors that can measure the air pressure for altitude determination. For those applications such as freefall detection, screen rotation, pedometer, tilt measurement and motion detection, etc. accelerometer itself can do the job. However, for other applications such as motion gaming, robot balancing, image stabilization, air mouse, human body tracking and unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. the combination of MEMS sensors can give much better performance in terms of dynamic attitude accuracy and response time. The critical task, however, is how to make these sensors work together or how to do sensor fusion. Sensor fusion is a set of digital filtering algorithms to compensate the disadvantages of each individual sensor and then output accurate dynamic attitude information. This presentation discusses the sensor fusion solutions based on MEMS sensors.

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