Microtech 2011

Thin Film Lithium Batteries. Nanomaterials for Electrodes and Solid Electrolytes. Nanotechnology and Equipment for their Fabrication

E. Shembel, V. Redko, A. Markevich, V. Tutyk, I. Maksuta, T. Pastushkin, A. Tron, N. Klyui, V. Khandetskyy, O. Kolomoetz
Enerize Corporation, US

Keywords: thin film, battery, nano materials, electrode, solid electrolyte, nanotechnology, equipment


Enerize Corporation has developed new nanomaterials and nanotechnology for fabrication of thin film batteries which are promising candidates for high efficient new generation energy storage devices: - Solid inorganic and solid polymer solvent free nanostructured electrolytes with high ionic conductivity, low interface impedance in contact with electrodes, electrochemical and chemical stability in a wide operating range of service of Li-metal and Li-ion rechargeable batteries. - Compositions of nanostructured electrode materials with high electronic conductivity which allow to avoid electron conductive carbon additives in electrode mass. - High rate vapor deposition methods and equipment based on gas discharge electron gun with cold cathode, and based on gas detonation method. During the deposition, powder particles gain high kinetic energy and are deposited on a substrate forming high quality coating materials with predetermined structural, morphological, and electrochemical properties. These materials require no binder and are distinguished by outstanding electrode-to-substrate adhesion and cohesion. As an example, carbon composite anodes for lithium-ion batteries have demonstrated discharge capacity of up to 900 Ah/kg. Developed non-destructive electromagnetic methods allow non-contact measurement of thin film materials conductivity, and interface resistance in battery structure. Enerize owns 9 US patents and patent applications connected with the presented technology.

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